my name is Jan Mrázek but nearly everyone calls me Honza. I am a programmer and maker from Czechia.

I consider myself a “proper full-stack developer.” I can go anywhere from designing a custom circuit on PCB, through programming of the microcontroller, to the development of a desktop application up to running web services in the cloud. If I need to, I can even program FGPA, though I don’t prefer to. I am also not afraid of designing mechanical constructions; however, this is rather a hobby than something I was educated in, and I am a master in. However, I know how to run a mill and lathe, and I can program a CNC machine or control a laser cutter.

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What I am up to:

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University. I work at the ParaDiSe laboratory on RoFIs — small robots which can self-assemble into larger robots (just like Replicators from Stargate). Before RoFIs I worked on the DIVINE and the SymDIVINE model checkers. I also teach several seminar groups of courses:

I am also a co-author of the new KSI, which is an annual online computer science course for high school students. To complete the list, I help to hold InterLos, InterSob, and K-SCUK. All of these events are organized by people from Spolek přátel severské zvěře.

In my free time, I get fascinated with electronics, engineering, and technology in general. I have built many electronic gadgets to ease and complicate my life or just to have fun. Many of these projects are poorly documented. However, I am gradually making it better — I founded a personal blog, where I write about my projects and gained experiences. Also, many of my new projects can be found on my GitHub, my Twitter, and my YouTube channel.

I design and build robots with my friends from Robotika Brno. Our robot Aranka has won RoboticDay. We also try to spread and share our know-how at RoboCamps. For that we build several interesting pieces of hardware: RBControl, its successor RBCX and we also explored dirt cheap motor encoders.

Recently, I got myself an MSLA 3D printer and this world amused me. These machines are powerful, but the technology is still lacking. I do not print mini-figures for Dungeons & Dragons, I want to print precise functional engineering parts on these printers. That’s why I started to R&D in this area – you read a lot about it on my personal blog. I am also part of the Photonsters group.

I know how to run a mill, lathe, I can program a CNC machine or control a laser cutter.

When I was at I high school, I wrote two thesis for SOČ — one about DIY build of wind turbine based on solid physical foundations and calculations; the second one about a design of a control system for a CNC machine, where I focused on non-trivial dynamics of the motions. But that’s a long time ago.

My active projects

  • RoFI — Open-Hardware Self-reconfigurable robots
  • KiKit — Automation for KiCAD
  • PcbDraw & Pinion — Make beautiful and interactive drawings of your PCBs!
  • JlcParts — Catalog of components available for JLC PCB SMT assembly that isn’t painful to use
  • Tuning of SLA printers — currently, I rebuilt Elegoo Mars and a similar thing is going to happen to Elegoo Saturn.

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